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Online Opportunities And Wealth Generation

Online writing and blogging have become very popular in recent years. This industry has grown naturally as a reflection of the impact of technology on production.

Online writing of shared revenue sites and indeed an form of Internet based passive income have a potential to help people move up the social ladder. This may not be apparent to us who just starting or to those who have been writing for five years without success.

The ability to work hard in setting up a revenue source which will not depreciate is wealth creation. A revenue that generates income without the underlying asset losing value is the source of wealth regardless of the actual values.

The fact that one source may not produce too large an income is the reason why a writer must consider more than one platform.

Writer's note: Online writing is not the only source of online passive income. A person can consider other options both online and offline of a combination to create sources of residual income.

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DoubleDabrew wrote on July 12, 2014, 7:27 AM

I hope you share other sources of earning passive online income. I am only into writing and would love to know other avenues..