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So This Is Me - Hello or 'Jambo'

This is my first article on this new site, a site which has great potential and I wish it good luck and hope it does extremely well. Some people may or may not know me from other sites, if you are here now you will know me as Ged62. I live in the UK and have been making money online for about eight years, I like the social side of making money, it is always good to make friends with people and read their great articles which I am looking forward too very much.

I have wide varied interests ranging from sport, health to family matters, by the way I have a partner and my partners kids lived with us until recently when they flew the nest as they say. I love humour of any kind and will be laughing quite a bit, more often at myself but also at the antics of others, I'm easily pleased. I love pets although I havn't owned one for many years, my main passion is climbing mountains or should I say I used to climb mountains when all my physical abilities were of an age that could cope with the stresses and strain of the climbs.

I am here to read about you, all of you and hope you will do the same with me. Life is made easier when we respect each other and please don't insist I do anything outside the rules, if I see rules broken I will immediately say so to the person concerned and to the site management.

Wish you all the best on this new site and good luck with your writing and money making!

Jambo (Ged)

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LeaPea2417 wrote on December 30, 2015, 4:31 PM

It is very nice to meet you on here. I do hope you will come back to write more and interact with the posts.