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The first tomatoes are here!

One of my favorite days each summer is that first day that tomatoes are finally ripened and ready to be harvested. Nothing tastes like summer, nor as good as a homegrown, vine-ripened tomato. Sure, it was only a nibble. More so, it was a promise of what is yet to come.

This year, I scaled back on the number of tomato plants I potted. Last year, I think I had well over 40 different varieties. This year, I started with about a dozen. When someone took off with a few of my pots, I went on a rampage and added several more. I now have 30 plants in pots, in about 20 different varieties. As they ripen, I enjoy going outside with my bowl, harvesting the ripe ones, and then enjoying them while sitting on my back porch. Sometimes, I am even inclined to share a few!

All of the plants are overflowing with green tomatoes. I look forward to a lot more snacking to come!

Image Credit » Andrea Coventry

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LoudMan wrote on July 9, 2014, 3:08 PM

I don't know why, but I just imagined you nibbling and it made me laugh. Anyway, glad you foiled the tomato-thieves this year.