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At my workplace, we are sharing the office with another lady–old fashioned lady. Sometimes She brings graphic design work to our desk and we do it, but most of the time it is on credit. This lady also likes bargaining too much and squeezing. She goes with the pricing of two years ago and yet a lot has changed since the last two years. Even if the taxes are increased, she doesn't want the costs to increase.

I have realised that three things always happen whenever we are handling her designs; a lot of time is consumed, the prices are too low and our overall productivity decreases. I came to remember something the legendary C.E.O; Steve Jobs said, “Learning to say the polite way” .

I have discovered that sometimes in life, you have to learn how to say NO to some things in life. Thinking that you can make everyone happy is wrong. You have got to have priorities and focus on those. I am learning to say No. That’s my new way.

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