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I’m an Idiot - But Better Late Than Never - Thanks Y!CN

I’m an Idiot - But Better Late Than Never - Thanks Y!CN

I last wrote here at this fine Persona Paper, the day before America’s Birthday . Yes, I linked it (that’s why America and Birthday are highlighted and if you don’t know me by now, you can read more at the bottom about how safe you are to click through in my PP posts AND about how awesome back-linking is, as well as how to properly and neatly link here at Persona Paper.



So. I’m an idiot.

But...better late than NEVER.

And I do owe quite a bit of it to the closing down of my very first writing home - Associated Content/Yahoo Contributor Network/Y!CN/Yahoo!Voices...

...or whatever they’re calling themselves these days.

(Okay, San, I’m afraid you’ve lost us already and this time you’re going to have to just...well...come ON...we’re only human, here. We are not in your crazy head and. Well, geesh. You were talking about being an idiot and then you said you were late and now you say you owe some...I don’t know. Will you get on with it. What is HAPPENING HERE?)

I know. I’m trying. But there is A LOT going on in this noggin and I’m trying to keep it straight from the brain to the fingers to the board. Stay with me.

emoticon :smile:

Because smileys make everything better.

Oh, and this post might be long but I make no apologies. You’ll stay or you won’t. I’m putting words here and they matter. The choice to read them is up to you, for you . Got it? Okay, good.

So yah. With Y!CN closing, a lot of folks had a LOT of feelings about this - mixed up and all over the place. My feelings were scattered, too. Sad for the closing; slightly irritated that I had to go download my content; happy that I only had 134 pieces of content; a touch mad about the way Yahoo was handling the whole thing; but not cranked up like some others; nostalgic for the “old days” for which I was mostly an on-looker; and over all excited because in the end I discovered that with the closing of Y!CN, I was compelled to get my butt in gear about something.

(Oh goody. The point.)

Haha. You’re new, here, aren’t you? Welcome. Sit down. Get comfy.

emoticon :smile:

Now, a couple of other things happened during this whole Y!CN closing thing. I wasn’t having a good week “my condition” wise, G and I had just had a big convo re: my online “blogging”, and in general I was feeling behind and frazzled because I just wasn’t where I thought I was supposed to be, according to my mental calendar.

You see? I had a whole plan for while the kid was gone for three weeks this summer. Oh, yah. I didn’t even tell you about that. I won’t bore you now. But yes. Anyway. I wasn’t there. Where I thought I should be. And that, perhaps, was the most fracked out thing of all that was happening.

PART OF IT WAS Persona Paper, believe it or not.

Yep. Persona Paper wasn’t supposed to drop in unannounced this summer and compel me to begin posting blog style again.


(So what? You’re blaming the fine folks at PP for your troubles, San?)

No. Geesh. Would you pay attention. I’m getting there. You need something to drink? A little nosh? Here’s another smiley.

emoticon :smile:

Whew. I didn’t intend for this to be THIS long when I started but I might as well get it ALL out, right?

Whether you skim it or actually read every word, you might catch something in here that makes your life better. And really, that’s all I’ve ever hoped for, through it all. Boy HOWDY, yes.

So, yep. The original plan was to continue working on my health - which literally means lots of rest (BORING but necessary :( ) and to get the book ready for publish; and to continue taking care of my family, as best as I can.

Enter Persona Paper.
Close Yahoo Contributor Network.
Discover a Google AdSense alternative.


Didn’t see THAT coming, did you?

I keep hinting that you should be paying attention here.

emoticon :smile:

But I will admit that I’ve left some things out.

Like the many conversations G and I have had (over the years and over the last week) about the pennies - PENNIES, people - he’s watched me work so hard for and how it makes him ache . Apparently, he believes in me or some such nonsense (I love that guy, I do) and thinks I should be making one meellion dahliars...per post. Or something like that.

From his lips to ... well, someone’s ears.

And let’s be realistic. He certainly is. While he understands business. AND big business. We ALL know the often lop sided and/or one-sided nature of some business(es).

And for years, I’ve wandered all over the internet hitting and missing with my writing and my YouTubing and through out it all, giving the amount of time and effort, all it’s really added up to... pennies.


I would FEEL sad about it but I refuse to do that. Because some times were GOOD . Really good. Some sucked. BAD .

I’m sure, if you’ve gotten to here, you might even be able to relate to this. Imagine the many places you’ve laid pen to paper (fingers to keyboard) over the years. Remember the good times ?

Remember the not so ?

And now we are HERE!

When LynLomasi first told me about , I was STOKED. And yes, I’m tagging her for a couple, three reasons. First, because you should know that Lyn is one of the most amazing people I’ve never met. I won’t get all mushy here, on ya. If you know her at all, you probably know what I’m talking about, anyway. Now I know that Lyn just wrote about removing some of her PP posts - and the why. That’s important to know, too (2)! And thirdly, I’m telling you about Lyn because she matters to the story and I do try to reference my sources ALWAYS - even if I do it in non-traditional ways, mostly.

So. I got all excited. A new place to write. Laid back. Nice folks. Easy posting. Fun do-hickeys when posting ( I LOVE do-hickeys - as you probably already know ). Very under-whelming. No pressure. Something I could do here and there and make a little money and still carry on with the original Summer Plan.


Um. No.

Very shortly after joining I did what I tend to do and became ridiculously addicted to Persona Paper. G got nervous because he knew what that meant for me health-wise but I wasn’t listening. I was WRITING again. The money didn’t even matter at that point (yah. Really.) because it was comparable to another place and I was having fun, feeling a part of a community again.

Shortly after THAT, the bottom dropped out here. You know, with the whole AdSense thing. We can say we didn’t let us bother us and that we’re trying to get through it. But it sucked. It did.


Yes. We. Are. And let me just stop for a minute and tell you something straight UP. If you haven’t realized it, you should now. If it weren’t for Will and Heather ( elitecodex and MaeLou ) there may not BE a Persona Paper. Oh I don’t just mean inside this box. I mean that we may ALL could have just up and left.

They have worked crazy to provide us with what we want, what we need, and all sorts of extras we didn’t even think of, and ON TOP OF THAT, did pretty darn near all of it with great big smiles plastered to their purty faces.

That’s why we’ve stayed. We believe in them. In what they are trying to do. Thank you, both of you (if that wasn’t clear above) emoticon :grin:

That said...

I’m leaving.


(ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? You wrote all that up THERE just for us to get down here and for you to tell us that you are OUT OF HERE? You are lucky I don’t come over there and...)

And what? Really. I’ve tried to reach through the box, before. It can’t be done. Trust me. Now sit back down. I have more to say/write. And I promise, it’s all going to turn out fine in the end.

emoticon :smile:

I sat there reading that email from Y!CN and I thought, “Well, damn. Another one bites the dust.”

It doesn’t matter who you are or who you write for, if you’ve ever written for someone else, long term, and now they no longer exist - well, you might be having some serious thoughts about YOU, yourself, and you.

Given that I’m not generally a selfish person, I didn’t immediately come to that you, you, you or ME ME ME thing. And a series of events transpired in the mean time. But I got there.

I started thinking about me. I’d already been thinking (since last year) about my book (novel and self helps) before I got sick. I decided long ago that I had a voice and lots to say and I wanted to share it and help others live better and darnit...well...I’ve been doing that through one avenue or another for almost FIVE years now.

And I’ve barely scratched the surface. I’ve made countless mistakes and I’ve learned a plethora of things. I’ve ignored lots of good advice and taken a bat crap crazy amount of other...

...what I’ve used and done could all fit into a tiny thimble. Really. Still learning daily. YAY!

But. I am still here. Through it all I am still standing. Or sitting, as the situation warrants. I’m still writing. Making some sense, if you are paying attention. And I do believe some of you are. ;) Yes, I get the feedback.

And so I started thinking about me. Remember I said, a series of events transpired. One of them was that I happened upon an ad on Facebook for an alternative to Google AdSense ads. Yes, I did. I happened to be on the phone with a writer friend of mine. She writes here, in fact - CoralLevang - great writer, great friend. Go have a visit, if you’re inclined. Just sharing as I go along - ALWAYS.

So, I clicked that link and read about this ad place. Which I’m not sharing here now, because I’ll be talking about them later. Yes, I said I was leaving. SORTA. You have to pay attention. I know. This post is long. BEAR WITH ME. Please. Thank you.

I immediately sent a note to the fine folks here at Persona Paper about this new (to me) ad place, because I am all about helping the community. If this is a viable alternative for us here, why NOT. I don’t know if they are checking it out or not. That’s not my concern. Maybe they already know about it. We shall see.

But through the course of all that, I did my own research, and decided to sign up for me.

And that’s where we get to the leaving here, part. Ya see? I’ve got a lil blog, over at the Google.

HAHAHAHAHA. I know. Ironic, isn’t it? As it turns out, this blog of mine has been quietly building for the last three years. I’ve done nothing with it and I’m horribly embarrassed (not deathly but...) to say it’s quite ridiculously in need of a complete make-over.

Ah HA.

So what if I make OVER the blog and continue on with what I originally intended it to be?

Which I won’t be sharing all the details of,


I will say that does include some good things for all of you. Because I am not leaving here, completely. I still have the rest of my sad Google AdSense story to publish. Yes, I will finish that here, at Persona Paper. It’s written and it needs to go here. I may have to rewrite the ending but who’s never done THAT before, right?

My blog is all about sharing information from all over the internet and that includes the places I tend to hang out. :)

Like here. Which means I want to pimp my peeps. Share their triumphs and...well...I said I wasn’t going to get all detailed just yet. The noggin is just a’burstin’ right now with all the ideas scampering through it.

And I’ve got a LOT of work to do.

Re-HAULING the blog.
Posting there.
Posting here. Besides the Google thing, I still want to post HERE. I said. emoticon :grin:
Reading here because I WANT TO, not because I have to - oh do I have some THINGS to say about THAT.
Learning about traffic patterns to see what is earning for me at the blog. Because YES, I do have to EARN to KEEP DOiNG THIS THING I LOVE.
Fleshing the book to publish.
Amusing the kid when she comes home in nine days.
Continuing on my health journey and pushing them to fix me.
Figuring out how to make it all work while following all the rules. I am a RULE FOLLOWER as you may know by now!

Yep. That last is most important to note here. I also wrote a PP post recently about cross-linking. I don’t do it when I’m writing for other folks - you can read all about it right here . I DO do it when I’m on my own site.

Which I’m not linking here and won’t because I’m earning there and that’s double dipping or cross promoting or competition or otherwise may be breaking the rules, which I don’t DO! Later on, I’ll be sharing many of you fine folks there, through my fabulous back-linking, so we’ll be spider-webbed together, anyway. No worries. did we end up ALL the WAY DOWN here?

I may be an idiot but... Better late than never. Thanks, Y!CN.

I was feeling ridiculously out of sorts again, after spending a week in bed, after pushing myself too hard here (truth). And then Y!CN announced they were closing. And then I found a supposed (time will tell) viable AdSense alternative that will allow me to earn on my own site and control how I write and what I share - completely.

Have you ever felt reborn again? Refreshed? Ready for anything? Excited to take on the world no matter what life throws at you?

Let’s git ‘er dun...more to come.


PS: Make no mistake, if some of what you read above is vague, might be so. I haven’t gotten far enough in with this new thing, nor have I even posted again to the blog OR promoted it or...well...I won’t be afraid to come back here and say, “okay, NEXT”. ;)

Stay tuned!

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Thank you! :grin:
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LoudMan wrote on July 7, 2014, 10:18 AM

If you keep calling yourself an idiot, eventually, folks will find plenty of reasons to agree.

MaeLou wrote on July 7, 2014, 10:19 AM

Unfortunately, you aren't the first person to leave us for the most part - and likely wont be the last :( Hopefully we'll find a good group of people to keep us kicking it here. I'd hate to see the site not succeed.

SandraLynn wrote on July 7, 2014, 10:22 AM

MaeLou - you'll see - my leaving "for the most part" will be weirdly staying...I just have to get the blog situated first. Then you'll soon think, I thought that girl said she was OUTTA here ;) I have to see what's a good fit. That's truth. BUT I like this site and feel a loyalty to my bones already. AND there are a lot of good writers here that I want to share (my blog is all about that). So I'll be here. No worries. Okay? emoticon :heart:

SandraLynn wrote on July 7, 2014, 10:25 AM

All part of my evil plan, muahahahaha LoudMan - though I never have been good at the evil laugh, pfft ;) But I do find it best to admit my slow to wake moments :) Perhaps idiot IS too harsh emoticon :grin:

JanetHunt wrote on July 7, 2014, 12:52 PM

Wow, I want you to know I read every word on this! LOL! You are a little all over the place but so am I from time to time. loved it! ;) Even for people who were no longer active at YCN, I think that the email was a bit of a wake up call to most of us to say, "Hey, what are you doing?? Don't you want to accomplish something with your writing?" So, then we all started giving serious thought about our writing. Just my silly thoughts on the subject...Oh, and good luck! :) :)

AdrienneJenkins wrote on July 7, 2014, 2:46 PM

I love that your writing mojo has kicked back in and that's what matters most. How and where you publish is a matter of balance. I'll catch up with you wherever you are in cyberspace.

kyambadderoger wrote on July 7, 2014, 3:31 PM

Making a mistake is not a mistake but repeating a mistake is the mistake...That's me.

You have the right to be wrong, you can't always be right

SandraLynn wrote on July 7, 2014, 3:34 PM

You got it. :) I appreciate that more than I can express, JanetHunt - thank you, kindly :) And yes, you nailed exactly what the Y!CN thing did for us. Not silly at all :) It's amazing to watch on FB from all different directions and from so many different perspectives (writers) ;) I am so stoked to see what we all come up with next :) And thanks, sincerely. I'm not nearly done yet and I'll be here AND there, for sure :)

SandraLynn wrote on July 7, 2014, 3:35 PM

What you said to me yesterday, touched me deeply, my friend AdrienneJenkins :) We won't stray far from each other, of that you can be sure emoticon :heart:

SandraLynn wrote on July 7, 2014, 3:37 PM

Words to live by, for sure :) Thank you for sharing and 110% AGREED :) As long as you learn from the moment, good or bad, you can move forward with confidence into the next kyambadderoger :)

AliCanary wrote on July 7, 2014, 5:44 PM

Wow, this was pretty inspirational. I've always toyed with the idea of making my own blog, but the idea of building a platform gives me much pause. For now, I will probably keep dancing on the ones that have already been established (it's more fun being in it with a bunch of other cool peeps, after all). Although I do hope to still see you here, I'll wish you good luck, as well!

SandraLynn wrote on July 8, 2014, 8:57 AM

Thank you, Ali :) I've got a lot of work ahead but then again, I'll never truly be done, done ;) I'm excited, though. And you'll be seeing me. I'll be scouring the intertubes for the latest and greatest from all my fine friends. Plus, I like it here! The community, for sure. I do hope we succeed. Either way, I know where to find you ;)

tinamarie wrote on July 8, 2014, 8:57 AM

Pfft... You are no idiot my dear ;) Befuddled at times (without your morning tea).. can you hear me snicker... You are one of my favorite writers. I love it when your all over the place, it keeps me on my toes. New ideas are good:)

SandraLynn wrote on July 8, 2014, 9:19 AM

LOL, thank you, my friend :) Truly and sincerely ;) and oh, can't wait to sit with you :) I forgot, I've got a neuro appt tomorrow at 9:15 but am free after that. Thursday is all day good. Let me know emoticon :heart:

inertia4 wrote on July 8, 2014, 10:17 AM

SandraLynn First off let me say you are no idiot. You are an intelligent woman. A bit quirky, but smart nonetheless. Secondly, you must do what you must do. What your hear desires. Persona Paper is a wonderful site to be part of. I feel lucky to be here amongst such great company. You said a lot in this post. Albeit, it as a little choppy. LOL. Just kidding my dear. I am happy to know you and have known you, even if it were only here at Persona Paper. People like you do inspire others. Don't ever put yourself down, not even in a joke. I will miss you, or will I? LOL. Since you might be popping in from time to time. Well, take care of yourself and your health and your family. And good luck with your blog.

SandraLynn wrote on July 8, 2014, 5:58 PM

Thank you, inertia4 - I may have to revise the idiot thing, lol. Boy HOWDY have I gotten the feedback on THAT. And I was being facetious - completely. You also get me and my style and that's important too, thank you! You will be seeing me here. I've got lots to say and I do want to share folks from here, over at the blog. No worries there. As long as they leave the light on here, I'll be popping in. Right now I'm just primping the blog and once I get into a good routine, I'll have a right/write good schedule down for all the things I plan to do :) Community is SERIOUSLY important to me and sharing friends is, too!

Cheers :)

inertia4 wrote on July 9, 2014, 12:40 PM

SandraLynn Well I am glad you will be popping in here from time to time. The light will always be on here for you. I am sure of it Sandra. Good luck with your blog. I will leave you with these words, Hey Now!!!

midastouch wrote on July 11, 2014, 10:42 AM

Jeezzzz!!! what a post.
I took my time to go through it and I appreciate you for making it one long haul
I would have broken them down to manageable pieces
but all the same now that PP has forced you out of "retirement" your health hols
you just got to do the best at it
keep writing
we are here to read