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Introductory Article On Personapaper

This is an obligatory introduction article here on Persona Paper. I want to remember this article in future after I establish as writer of note here.

I started writing for shared revenue platforms nine months ago and I know that this is legitimate and viable economic activity that benefits everyone in the supply chain. There are responsibilities on various parties involved in online writing platforms.

I will touch on the responsibilities of the writer because that is what I will be doing. The first responsibility of a writer is to produce original material with proper accreditation of sources of information. Violating this obligation borders on criminal activity depending on circumstances.

A writer must also consider developing a unique voice. A writer who wants to have loyal following must strive to produce useful content that is easy to read. Violating these obligation will result in mild readership. But everybody has different taste so most writers will have commensurate readership.

I write on one or more platforms and I am still learning to write but my gaze is set very far. I want to become a successful blogger.

My avatar DaVinci is inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci.

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