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Best prank EVER

So I haven't been around in a few days or more in the mists of everything going on I had totally forgot that

our trip we planned was just days away so I had to hurry to get everything together because we were keeping

it a surprise to my children. It was so funny we had told my kids that we were going to uncle bob's LOL which

we don't have an uncle bob but they sure went along with it. We were actually going to Great Wolf Lodge.

Right before we pulled up to Great Wolf Lodge I told them lets make a video to tell Grandma where we are

going, it started off by them saying well we are on our way to Uncle Bob's then next thing you know they

seen the sign for Great Wolf Lodge and they were like ooo ooo oo look can we go visit there, so we pulled

in and my son was like is this where uncle bob lives LOL and I was like ok you two we are not really going

to uncle bobs we are going to stay here and they got so excited. The best video ever.

Image Credit » Picture is mine tshively's

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