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Have friends in our lives with-whom we can share our moments of happiness and sadness, it is very important.

The friends formed a fundamental part of our lives, but not all Of Those around us are our friends, we must be Able to Distinguish between a true friend and a simple person That we frequent often. The friend is the one who is always beside us in moments When We need it, is the One Who Gives us advice even if sometimes we do not agree, is the one to Which we can tell our secrets Because We know that a person is and finally we can trust is the one who makes us laugh, cry, dream and love.

Friendship That means every day Becomes more special for us, Because We Know That there is someone somewhere in the world That is waiting for us to offer the hand of friendship.

Friendship is very important During the adolescent period in Which change and we treat our family relationships Among our peers to seek a 'living mirror "to find solace and feel sure of ourselves blackberries. In a friendship there is always a period of jealousy and envy, Which may be the cause of quarrels That sometimes causes a lot of suffering Because We do understand That there is a mistake about the relationship, but we must be ready and strong to be Able to Face These moments in an appropriate and responsible manner, so as not to lose a very precious jewel as our friend.

Friendship is the key to life, Which brings us to the path of love and in Which We learn to love ourselves and our fellow men, to love our fellow man is not just a feeling for the next special but do not know how to accept it for what he HAS, but for what it is. Also Friendship means fidelity, being faithful in a relationship of friendship is one of the key elements and make sure That it is long lasting Because as there is trust us as our friends, we feel confident in trusting our blackberries and secrets Therefore Establish a good relationship . Friendship is given by the mutual love between two or blackberries people who love each other and when to you have a lack of it is not impossible to Establish a relationship of friendship, love is That Which condition in the happiness of another person is essential for ourselves and if we have not love we are afflicted by the worst heart disease there is.

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LeaPea2417 wrote on December 30, 2015, 4:46 PM

Yes, friendship is important, but one thing that depresses me are the friends you think will never leave you but they do.