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Yay! The Blog Updates Are Going Well

I kind of disappeared from PP and I'm not sure if I said much about it. I've decided that my time is better spent focusing on my blog rather than Persona. I'm keeping my account alive, but I'm not posting a lot here anymore.

With the closing of Yahoo Contributor, I had a bunch of articles to reclaim, and it's spurred a full-on reorganizing of all the stuff that I've written over the years. I uploaded everything to Google Drive and I'm going through it to see what's worth posting on my blog, what's worth a rewrite, and what's just junk that needs to go. Eventually I'll be posting all the good stuff on my blog, along with all the new writing that I'm doing.

In other blog news, dracoselene tweaked the theme a little bit for me and we made a few performance changes that will make the site easier to read and easier to use. The biggest advancement is that I managed to get the signup pop-up working and get the subscription issues settled. Now you can sign up via the box at the top left of the site or through the popup that will appear. The popup has been fixed so that it will only come up once a week (or never if you're signed up), so it won't annoy those who come back often.

I've got a lot of good content set to go up on the blog, so I hope you'll come by. I hope even more that you'll sign up and become a subscriber so you can follow my writing. Since I won't be posting here, it'll be the best way for you to continue following me if you like my writing.

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