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Happpy July 4th!

Haven't actually been on here in a while. Keep forgetting to come on here and check things over! I'm still here though!

Just thought I'd pop on today and wish everyone a happy fourth of July. We just cooked outside on the grill, steaks and some grilled watermelon. nomnomnom.

No really, it was soooo good. Especially the watermelon and I think I ate too much cause now I am so so stuffed it's not even funny lol.

Annnd now I think I'll go run off and find something to entertain myself with for the rest of the day, I slept the first half of it away. I was soooo tired. I've been staying up later than usual, i'm such a night owl once it hits midnight I'm wide awake and can't sleep, but then next thing I know it's 4 am and I don't wanna get out of bed the next day. But Valentina says I have to. Yesterday I was Zombie like all day after one of those nights, then I was gonna go to bed early last night to catch up, and it didn't happen, so it was even worse today.

So when Valentina said it was time to wake up, I got up, let her out, got her food, cared for all my virtual bunnies and guinea pigs on LuckyLapine and then went back to bed for about 4 hours longer. LOL. Such a productive day. but Oh well.

Anyways, laters! \\//

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Randajad_The_Traveller wrote on July 4, 2014, 6:48 PM

People grill watermelons? what does it tasted like? I usually eat watermelons on their own. Unripe watermelon though can be used as a stir fry veggie.