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My first movie in 2 years!

A movie after 2 years! You will be wondering,what?? Didn't you watch any movie in 2 years?No,no! you are getting it wrong, that is not exactly it but true to some extend.

It's been 2 years that I went to a movie theater to watch a . Before the birth of our daughter we made sure that we were watching at least a movie a month in theater. Things changed when I became pregnant,with me getting dizzy and uncomfortable with loud noise and darkness! We left the idea of watching movies when I was about 5 months pregnant. But that never stopped us from watching movie in TV emoticon :winking:

After the birth of our daughter,we didn't want to scare her with loud noise and darkness or hurt her little eyes with the flashy lights in screen. Above all if she starts crying ,it is a tough thing to calm down her. Why to create unnecessary problems for others!

But lately we decided to take a chance and try,we never know unless we try,right?So that was a Sunday, I was both excited and tensed at the same time. I really didn't want to leave the movie in between! Packed all her favorite snacks and toys, so that we can control her! It was a 4pm show, we reached around 3.45pm and found a corner seat on the backside.

Movie started, she was watching the colors and sounds with a real surprising look. To my surprise she never took her eyes off the screen. When we laughed on comedies she did the same,I am sure she never understood what it was but was happy and really enjoyed. By the time it was second half of movie she slept off and didn't wake up till the end of movie!

All my tensions about her spoiling the movie was of no use, and I am they she enjoyed and let us enjoy! Plan for movies are on!! emoticon :winking: emoticon :grin:

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astraldreamer wrote on July 19, 2014, 1:35 PM

when i first tool my eldest daughter to movie when she was three, she embarrassed me by running around demanding popcorn off of the people trying to watch their film, i had to chase her and leave early, i dont think i took her again until she was about 9 lol.