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My Sincere Reply to Google AdSense's Reply...

My Sincere Reply to Google AdSense's Reply...

I appealed, Google AdSense replied they were reviewing, I replied with this:


Thank you for taking the time to review my account. I’m replying to this email, though Im not sure I’m supposed to. However, I was a bit blubbery the other day and I thought today I might sound a bit more coherent. I also don’t know if it matters or is believable but I need you to know that AdSense is very important to me. I have worked on YouTube for a year to grow my channel respectably and honestly in the hopes that one day I would make partner there. I love my YouTube-ing and wish to continue but (quite honestly) the spark is gone with the AdSense. I JUST got invited to rev share ALL my vids and was so excited - one step closer to partner.

I also did an incredible amount of promoting my writing last month - which is where I’m wondering some confusion about more clicks came in. I have NEVER clicked on any of my own ads in the year I’ve had AdSense, a quick IP check from you will show that. Not even from the phone when reading one of my articles or something...just am too careful because I never wanted to lose this account. I’ve never encouraged anyone to click either, I’m that anal...

(OMG, I actually said that?? Well, I’m honest, and I AM that Type A. Seriously!)

...about making sure I adhere to TOS. Other than that, I have no control over who clicks on ads while reading my articles or watching my videos. I can assure you I won’t be writing for anymore if you reinstate my account. I would like to continue blogging, making YouTube vids, and answering questions at WebAnswers. All that ties in to AdSense.

I can’t continue to work from home and keep making vids and writing without AdSense. Well, I suppose I could but...I’m just sad about it. I did nothing wrong. I don’t know how to prove that to you, except to say that it’s the truth.

I went on about it yesterday in my last YouTube vid (until I know your answer)...

(not linking that video here on Persona Paper for personal reasons. If you’d like to see it, please ask. I was so completely clueless about it all, back then.)

...Last week was just a horrible week all the way around.

I am still sick over this. I have worked so hard to build this online presence and I just feel lost now. This may sound stupid or silly but it’s also the truth. I have an annoying habit of doing that and sometimes it comes out sideways .

Thanks again for your consideration.



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