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The Lack of Communication Astounds Me, Google AdSense!

The Lack of Communication Astounds Me, Google AdSense!

But wait a minute...

Because this is taking me some time to write and so there was a sleep or three in there - I had time to mull OVAH.

Google AdSense, really.

ALL YOU HAD TO DO was take one look at my account and see that I was not manipulating the numbers. My numbers weren’t even that big, compared to some others.

LOTS of others, in fact. I mean, we’re talking, when you canceled my account, I would have cashed out for ONE HUNDRED FORTY BUCKS.

Shame on you, Google AdSense.

Though, really, I suppose I’m assuming here. One shouldn’t do that, should one? Maybe you did look at my account.

I just find that really REALLY hard to believe. Because there was no manipulation. I can’t prove it exactly. I’m not there. But I know that I wasn’t clicking on those haircut videos and the ads within them, not even ONE ad, even by accident, EVER . And I know those were the ones getting the views. Mostly.

I don’t know why folks had such a fascination with the fact that I could cut my own hair. But they did.

YouTube made me a Partner. Because my views were growing. Very Quickly.

Google and Google AdSense are all a part of that.

Don’t you all COMMUNICATE?

Shame on ALL of you.

Okay. I’m ready to go back to my ignorance of 2011 for the next little while so we can carry on properly...where were we? Oh yes...


My Sincere Reply to Google AdSense... ~~~~~~~~ Dreaming About the Could Haves? ~~~~~~~~ Go Back to the Beginning...


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