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Here's a CLEAR Clue, Google AdSense!

Here's a CLEAR Clue, Google AdSense!

Because here’s a clue.

Google AdSense.

If you had...truly and completely investigated my account...

You would have clearly.

And I mean C L E A R L Y

(No apologies for spelling it out, I get all loud and a little ghetto/Italian/southern (sure, that's a thing...) when I’m miffed. It doesn’t always translate well in words on the page.)

...clearly seen that there was NO INVALID CLICK activity on my Google AdSense account.

Not at YouTube.

And we both know that’s where the issue arose. All those haircutting videos were getting loads of views from all over the world. And you thought I was traveling around to all those places or telling folks (that I didn’t KNOW) to click click click?

Yep. NO. Pfft.

Ugh. I’m irritated and slipping off track.


Do You Not Trust, Google AdSense... ~~~~~~~~ Blah Blah Blah Google AdSense? ~~~~~~~~ Go Back to the Beginning...


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