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Fired UP, Google AdSense - And I've Got MORE to Say!

Fired UP, Google AdSense - And I've Got MORE to Say!

Whew! Well, I told you I was a mess , didn’t I? I don’t know, had the week not started so emotionally, if I would have been any better. I imagine not. I was so green then, in the writing world, the online world, ALL of it.

But even knowing then, what I know now, losing my Google AdSense account would be HUGE today, still .

I didn’t do anything wrong . And now that I know why they took it away without bothering to investigate further, I’m not at all weepy anymore.

Yah. This girl is fired UP. And I’ve got quite a bit more to say in this, my (sad) Google AdSense story. Thanks a bunch for riding along so far :)


Blah Blah Blah Google AdSense... ~~~~~~~~ My Google AdSense Appeal - In Part? ~~~~~~~~ Go Back to the Beginning...


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Thank you once again, to , who explained how to do html colors in this post here. Oh, it's good to be amongst friends again emoticon :heart:


Please Note: Anytime I offer any tips or tricks pertaining to PP, or anything else for that matter, know that all of it is just what I’ve

observed as I traipse along this life. If you have a hankering to dispute, disagree, or otherwise share your better advice, PLEASE do.

I’m here to learn, same as you :)


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AdrienneJenkins wrote on June 23, 2014, 4:39 PM

I knew you'd have a reason to use RED in a post you're fired up about !!!

SandraLynn wrote on June 23, 2014, 6:23 PM

But of course ;)

inertia4 wrote on June 23, 2014, 8:29 PM

I feel your pain with Google AdSense. I really do. I had a Google AdSense account that was taken away from me, or rather, should I say I was banned from. I appealed it numerous times without any resolution. I gave up on them. They accused me of clicking my own ads. Strange as I never did. I think Google AdSense is a scam on their end.