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Good Morning!

A beautiful Sunday morning here!

Got an early start on stuff today. I did all of my PTC work, which took about an hour to do. I'll need to update my WAHM blog with the new PTC.Many think these are a rip off, but I have been paid several times. And started on Swagbucks earnings. I try for the first goal as quickly as possible then focus on the more difficult tasks. I have yet to successfully do a survey.

And I noticed on one of the PTC sites, their pay is better for the same tasks.

Then I got the horse's water barrel scrubbed, bleached down, rinsed well and refilled with fresh clean water. I try to give it a good scrubbing every other week. Depending on how dirty and scummy it gets.

Lil Bub is becoming more excited about getting Baptized. Today, we will be focusing our scripture reading on this subject. It's important to me that he understands what this is about and that he will accept this freely of his own choice. He can certainly change his mind and be respected for his thoughts and feelings.

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snerfu wrote on January 31, 2015, 2:03 AM

Very good for you, keep posting.