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Good Customer Service Should Not be the Exception

Has customer service gotten really so bad across the board that when we get actual good customer service, we’re actually really pleased about it?

I’m trying to pinpoint the point where customer service started to drop off across the board. It has happened so gradually that I don’t think that we noticed it.

A lot of the choices dropping off helped speed this process up. For instance around here, if you want an Internet provider, you have Comcast, and then you have a lot of smaller companies that might not have the reach or the resources that a lot of people who have high usage need for their Internet experience.

So really, companies can treat their opponents like garbage or not be helpful at the very least, because if they’re not pleased, then they don’t have many options, if at all.

That’s why competition is the best thing for consumers, because it forces companies to step up their game and treat their customers right.

Still it’s sad when good customer service happens we’re actually shocked by it. It should be common but sadly it’s growing worse. Long wait times on the phone, taking forever to get a straight answer with someone, and customer service agents that are barely more qualified to deal with the problem than the customer who is calling.

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mercy540 wrote on July 20, 2014, 12:29 PM

good customer service determines the growth of the business. the way a customer is handled makes them come back or never get back there.

HappyLady wrote on February 5, 2015, 12:11 PM

I am finding the same thing. Good customer service is a thing of the past it seems. It is as if the people with the goods think they are now doing you a favour.