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Futsal Tournament - How It Will Go Down

Going to write about our futsal tournament and how it will go down.

Read my post about me joining, unknowingly, a futsal tournament here, .

So how will this tournament go down?

Basically, it is two divisions, Primera and Segunda (Premier and Secondary), made up of four teams each. Teams from the same division will meet twice and teams will meet the teams in the other division once. So that's ten games each team, single round robin format, top two teams move on on a cross-over semi-final round.

Since the primera teams are really better talent and skill wise, the segunda teams will have a 2.5 goal handicap in every match that a primera team and a segunda team will meet. Haven't matched up with a primera team yet but heard that they are really good. One match involving a primera teama nd a segunda team ended with a score of 13 - 4 for the primera team. Even with the 2.5 goal handicap, the primera team won... convincingly at that!!!

I think the handicaps for segunda teams will level the playing field to a certain degree but bear in mind, primera teams are made up of professional, semi-professional, and varsity players versus members of the segunda teams who are at the most, athletes/superfans that want to experience the game of futsal. All segunda teams have one or two professional futsal players but they can only do so much.

Anyway, next post, I'll talk about how our first two games went versus two segunda teams. Stay tuned!

Have you been involved in a sportsfest or sports league? What sport was it? How was it?

Are you involved in a sports league now?

Feel free to chime in friends!!!

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IcyBC wrote on June 23, 2014, 2:25 AM

I have never been able to play sport myself, but I watch plenty of competition games, going to tournament, and seeing the better teams creamed the less skilled teams to pieces :) Good luck to you! Just do your best and call it a day :)

allen0187 wrote on June 23, 2014, 10:22 AM

I hear you Icybc . I actually talked to the commissioner of the league and he said that although the skill level is far apart between the Primera and Segunda teams, he sees competitive matches. Also, games between Primera and Segunda teams will not count in the win-loss column but instead goal differential will be considered.

I'm just hoping for the best and I'm sure out team will just leave it all out in the pitch in our games, regardless if we are facing a Primers or Segunda team.