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Deciding On What Movie To Watch

Deciding on what movie to watch can be taxing, I know.

Back then when watching a movei was the most affordable and cheapest form of entertainment one can have, shellign out that hard earned movie to watch a mediocre B-movie was fine. i used the time to sleep in the air-conditioned confines of the movie theater. The dim lights and the hush of the crowd was perfect for sleeping. Plus, you can stay as long as you want and watch the movie multiple times, over and over and over and over again.

That was then, this is now. Movie tickets nowadays are very expensive. There's 2D, 3D, IMAX, cinema clubs, director's lounges, unlimited popcorn and unlimited ice teas, pre-screenings, first screenings, and midnight screenings. So many to choose from and yet each one will cost an arm and a leg.

So, how do you decide on what movie to watch so that you feel good spending your hard-earned cash?

Do you read reviews and base your movie choices on viewer ratings? Critics' ratings? Number of rotten tomatoes?

Do you scout the web for trailers and previews?

Do you base your movie choices on family recommendations? Or that of your friend? Your BFF? Your boss?

Deciding on what movie to watch is fairly simple to me... whatever fits my schedule gets my money. I check the movie listing and screening time. I line up, pay for my ticket, purchase myself a tub of popcorn, a bag of chocolate candies, and two big sodas...

B-O-O-M-!!! I'm off to another world bidding reality goodbye even for a short time.

Deciding on what movie to watch... back then, it was so simple, nowadays, I'm not so sure...

Deciding on what movie to watch, how do you gents adn ladies do it? Feel free to chime in friends.

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Anja wrote on June 22, 2014, 7:57 AM

I don't go out to the movies, anymore. I do think the 20-screen cinemas do the films no favors. It used to be you had a choice of 3 or 4 movies and probably more movies got more ticket sales back then. Now I just watch what's available on streaming services and rarely do I choose something that requires payment.

IcyBC wrote on June 23, 2014, 6:49 AM

I rarely go to the movie theaters these last few years, and yes because the ticket is so expensive. I just wait until the movie I want to watch came out on DVD.

allen0187 wrote on June 23, 2014, 10:33 AM

I get you Icybc . I was like that for awhile. I classify movies as must watch and might watch. Must watch movies I watch in theaters. Might watch movies I wat h at home, DVD copy or online.

allen0187 wrote on June 23, 2014, 10:38 AM

Anja , yup, with streaming and downloads available, people think twice in watching movies in theaters. I've watched some movies online as well.