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Say Hi to my Lazypod!

Have you ever tried watching movie on your phone and you have to keep holding it or prop it with something in order to stand? Yes of course, there are phone cases with built-in stand but nothing beats a lazypod because you can move it about and adjust it according to the height that you prefer. Isn't that neat? I can also read my e-books and not worry about dropping the phone when I fall asleep!

One of the main reasons why I bought a lazypod is because the phone signal here in our place is a bit crappy at times and there is an area on my desk that seems to be a dead spot. I am not aware that my phone has no signal for hours. So here's my solution - a lazypod so that my phone is always raised! Neat isn't it? I am amazed!

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maryccc wrote on July 9, 2014, 6:17 AM

I love it!!! I want one!