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On Losing...

Have you ever experienced losing someone or something so dear to you? Or have you experienced failures at some points in your life?

Yes, I did --- many times. But I was still able to cope up and I have managed to just keep going. I believe that it's normal to lose something (can be people too), and this is not enough to let you down and give up everything. It's a part of the learning process. Maybe you failed but you will soon realize that it's not really a big lost because it will actually make you notice of what you still have. That's what matters the most, I think. Concentrate on what you HAVE right now, move on from whatever you have lost, learn from it and start working out for the things you want to have. Always remember that there is always 'The One' up there willing to guide you in every step you take. You just have to learn how to give your FULL TRUST.

Good day, everyone! Spread Love!

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midastouch wrote on July 12, 2014, 1:21 AM

Oh for sure
maturity is when we are able to look at what we have lost in the face and say
"thank you for leaving me
I am on the move now----"

It is not the number of times that a man has failed that counts
it is the number of times that he stood up again!!!!