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Throwback Thursday music list: 1st edition

A couple of weeks ago in another site many of you know, I started posting a playlist of music I used to listen all throughout my young years and that its not so old to be considered a classic, so I decided to start a throwback Thursday playlist. At first my intention was to do a post with the 25 songs I remembered at the time, but the list continue to grow and I decided I would post a few additions to the playlist every week, last week I took a break but the list kept growing, so I'm going to start posting the playlist here and share it with you. Here are the 1st 25 songs that make the list with their YouTube links. Hope you enjoy.

-1- Pearl Jam - Just Breathe ;index=1&list =PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR

Its a song not as old since its from 2009 according to wikipedia.. a song i heard recently and really fell in love and has an old 90's style to it...

-2- The Offspring - Pretty Fly (for a white guy) ;index=2&list =PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR

This is basically the whole reason of this playlist, and for some reason i woke up with this song stuck on my mind.. a great song from 99, basically one of my favourite songs when i was starting high school emoticon :grin:

-3- Pearl Jam - Jeremy ;index=3&list =PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR

This is another great pearl jam song.. although its pretty old from 1992 i obviously wasnt into that music when i was there since i was like 4 years old but it became one of my all time favorite songs since i heard it emoticon :grin:

-4- Pearl Jam - Alive ;list=PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR&index =22

Again same story as the others .. and the ones to come by the same band.. all great songs i heard at least 10 years after they were released but i just fell in love with the sound

-5- Pearl Jam - Do the Evolution ;list=PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR&index =20

-6- Limp Bizkit ft Method Man - N2gether Now

Ok to be fair i was a big limp bizkit fan back in the day but this has to be my favourite song by them, and this group was a big part of my music playlist when i was in the 1st 2 years of highschool emoticon :grin:

-7- Korn - Freak on a Leash ;index=6&list =PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR

Well this wasnt my usual type of music but this song came out with the video back when the thing was watching music videos on MTV and to be fair the video is basically the reason i listened to the song in the 1st place, but im so glad i did since it became one of my favorite songs and one of the songs that opened my music curiosity and started exploring more rock music..

-8- System Of a Down - Chop Suey ;list=PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR&index =6

Ok now this is one of the songs that just stuck me like a ton of bricks when i first heard it, i just loved it and got me hooked on system of a down..

-9- System Of a Down – Toxicity ;list=PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR&index =7

This was the follow up song after chop suey and boy they didn't disappoint me.. making one great piece after another.. the whole album is actually really great.

-10- Incubus – Drive ;list=PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR&index =8

Well i at the time wasnt that much into ballads but this one was one of the great rock ballads from my high school times and quickly became one of my favourite songs.

-11- Nirvana - In bloom ;list=PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR&index =9

This song is still one of my favourite songs from nirvana but to be fair i actually like a lot and i mean a lot of songs of nirvana that if i had to put them all this list would extend way too much.. (its bad enough that i put 4 different songs from pearl jam) and like pearl jam this was a song i discovered after i started exploring rock music and this band is a classic and shouldnt really be here but oh well ..

-12 - Foo Fighters – Everlong ;list=PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR&index =10

Well this song is one of those songs i found as a result of exploring the music and i just fell in love with the tune.. gotta say dave grohl has known how to keep the torch alive after nirvana.

-13- Arctic Monkeys - the View from afternoon ;list=PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR&index =11

Well this was basically the song that introduced me to arctic monkeys and what a great song.. gotta say after watching the video you kinda wanna learn to play the drums.

-14- Arctic Monkeys - Fluorescent Adolescent ;index=15&list =PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR

This was the follow up song from arctic monkeys at least for me after the vew from afternoon and although its a bit different than the previous song its also a really great song.

-15- Plain white Ts - Hey there Delilah ;index=12&list =PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR

This is a really great song from around the time i got out of high school and its the type of songs you hear in different romantic movies... a really great ballad.

-16- All American Rejects - Gives you hell ;index=13&list =PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR

Well this is one of those perfect break up songs and a really great pick me up for when you're hung up on someone after a bad break up.. not to mention a really fun and great song.

-17- Train - Drops of Jupiter ;index=14&list =PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR

This song comes from a weird stage where i revisited those 90's song right after high school and when i started college, i had heard the song many times but it took me awhile to find it and boy was i glad to do so..

-18- Cramberries - Zombie ;index=23&list =PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR

Arround the same time i discovered train song i re-discovered this one since i already knew it from my 1st exploration of music i knew it was a really great song and for some reason i had kind of forgotten about it ..

-19- Sublime – Santeria ;list=PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR&index =17

This is basically the same story than the song before... one of those great songs you hear and know its good but somehow you forget about it for a bit and you keep rediscovering how good it is every time you hear it..

-20- The Verve - Bittersweet Symphony ;index=19&list =PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR

I heard this song for the 1st time in the movie Cruel intentions and it was one of those songs that gets stuck in your head and you never want it gone.

-21- No Doubt - Dont Speak ;list=PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR&index =18

This song is practically a classic ballad and its one of those songs i heard around the time i was starting high school and i just knew it was one of those unforgettable songs.

-22- Arctic Monkeys – DancinShoes ;index=16&list =PLyrgafdPEZYur176guXNHD0aiksMPVazR

Well this is basically one of my favourite songs right now that i discovered recently after looking into Arctic monkeys a bit more deeply and although the song its not that recent its one of those songs i just dont get sick of no matter how many times i listen to it.

-23- Metallica – Fuel

Well this was from my rock exploring phase and like the next 2 songs from metallica it was one of my favourite songs from them and to this day i can gladly hear it and rock to it :D so the next 2 wont have a description since its basically the same but i just have to honor them.

-24- Metallica - Enter Sandman

-25- Metallica - Master of Puppets.

well this concludes my 25 throwback song list and of course this is not even close to 10% of the bands I’ve loved throughout my life and I will come back next week with more additions to the playlist.

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poddys wrote on June 20, 2014, 3:31 AM

From the titles I don't think I know any of those, although if I listened I might know 1 or 2 possibly. I'm more into Classic Rock or Progressive Rock with some Latin and Country thrown in.

Anja wrote on June 20, 2014, 8:37 AM

Hmmm... #'s 4, 15,17,18,19 - absolutely. I can't say I wouldn't like some of the other songs, but I either don't know them or I don't know that these are titles of songs I like emoticon :smile:

sheilagamo wrote on June 22, 2014, 3:59 AM

cool line up

nbaquero wrote on June 23, 2014, 4:30 PM

Juandicv thanks for the list, I am an 80's music fan, but some of these songs are certainly worth enjoying!

JanetHunt wrote on June 25, 2014, 12:55 PM

Great choices! Now I am ready to jam! :)

allen0187 wrote on July 10, 2014, 8:22 PM

That's a great song list you have there. Almost all are my favorite but song 3, 4, 6, 12, 16, 20, and 23 stand out as my personal favorites.

LeaPea2417 wrote on December 30, 2015, 5:53 PM

I like Pearl Jam. My husband likes Foo Fighters and one of my sons likes Metallica. I hope you come back here to write more soon.

AliCanary wrote on January 3, 2016, 8:28 AM

Ooh, you got two of my favorite bands from the 90s, No Doubt and The Offspring. The 90s was a really good decade for music.