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Exploring the Natural Beauty Of Dugmaan Part 2

We are arrived finally arrived at around nine o'clock in the morning. It was a typical beach community where people are very excited on this yearly fiesta celebration.

We were immediately served a breakfast. Pork menudo, chicken adobo, scrambled egg and hotdog, and toast-fried dried anchovies with hot coffee.

We rested for a while and went to white sand hillside beach resort. I just sat on the shore, took photos while watching my nieces and nephews happily swimming.

After the have cleaned up theirselves, at noontime, we were able to witness the motorboat race and manual boat race.

We ate our lunch and rested for few hours because it's too hot outside. At about four o'clock in the after, we decided to walk at the shoreline. Since it's low tide, almost a kilometer of the sea has no water and can walk through it.

We collected some live seashells and clams that can be seen around. There were sea urchins, algae and small fishes too.

There were two more nearby beaches including the famous Mabaay island beach resort. But we're not able to explore because it's too tiring to walk back and forth.

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