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Overloading, Bad News, Whiney Cry Baby - Fine!

Overloading, Bad News, Whiney Cry Baby - Fine!

That is NO SPACES - I’ll be using my Mac Pages program to verify; double checking when I transfer each over for publishing to Persona Paper.

THAT way, I won’t over load anyone at any ONE time with this sad Google AdSense story.


Maybe you’re already overloaded. Guess what?

That’s the bad news. Yep. There’s almost always bad with the good.

Quite often I write as much for you (the audience) as I do for me.

This time, in sharing my sad Google AdSense story, I’m writing for me. Just for me.

Now, that doesn’t mean I don’t hope you won’t enjoy my story. Or relate to it. Maybe even commiserate or understand where I’m coming from with it .

Even if you discover that I’m just a big fat whiney cry baby pants about the whole darn thing - at least you will have connected with me on some level.


Good News/Bad News... ~~~~~~~~ 500 Characters? ~~~~~~~~ Go Back to the Beginning...


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Please Note: Anytime I offer any tips or tricks pertaining to PP, or anything else for that matter, know that all of it is just what I’ve

observed as I traipse along this life. If you have a hankering to dispute, disagree, or otherwise share your better advice, PLEASE do.

I’m here to learn, same as you :)


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CoralLevang wrote on June 20, 2014, 4:12 PM

I have been trying to figure out a way to monetize my own website, when I start something, as I wrote elsewhere. I just don't know the way to turn, how to do any of it "best." I simply know I need to branch out and do more.