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So Horribly Drama and Cheesy?

Horribly Drama And Cheesy?

At the time, I did speak of it a tiny bit, but I never went into a whole lot of detail. It’s time.

Gosh, that sounds so horribly drama and cheesy.

Yep. I’m going to tell my sad Google AdSense story. MY way. I said. And if some of it is a bit drama, so be it.

There might be some cheese. And tears. Definitely a LOT of tears. Anger too. Serious dirty anger. You know, the kind when you know you’ve done nothing wrong but you feel like you just raped a monkey’s uncle.


In front of everyone.

Yah. But you didn’t.

So, there will be some humor (hopefully) too. And randomness. And rambling. And getting off track.


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