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My Own Sad Google AdSense Story...

My Own Sad Google AdSense Story...

Of course I have a ridiculously sad Google AdSense story and it is high time I told it completely. What better time than the present, here at Persona Paper. In light of what has happened recently and given that the situation seems similar (differing only in the numbers and only by mere 1000s), I want to share my Google AdSense story.

And I’m going to do it my way. Oh NOOOO, you groan and mutter. Some may even be rolling eyes. Or maybe you don’t know me here well enough yet. Well, let me just tell you.

I’m going to share every darn detail of it. I remember ALL of it...errr... most of it...


Horribly Cheesy and Drama? - Chapter 2


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Please Note: Anytime I offer any tips or tricks pertaining to PP, or anything else for that matter, know that all of it is just what I’ve

observed as I traipse along this life. If you have a hankering to dispute, disagree, or otherwise share your better advice, PLEASE do.

I’m here to learn, same as you :)


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LeslieAdrienne wrote on August 11, 2014, 11:31 AM

#SandraLynn, So glad you are telling your story. There are countless "used to have an adsense account" folks who are shouting for joy because of your "tell-all" story.

SandraLynn wrote on August 11, 2014, 11:39 AM

Gosh, I hope so. I'm glad I got it out. And now I'm able to move on positively :)