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Things That Annoy Me

Oh, you have to have some annoyances! You can’t be that easy of a person not to have at least one. You can be the bigger person and tolerate the irritations that you come across, but I know deep down inside, you secretly wish that aggravations to stop.

So now that we understand each other, here are my pet-wee:

1. 1) The mention, the comparing, the ever non-stop posts about the other site (good money and bad system)! I mean if you do not like it, why paying so much attention to it? Why are you even be a part of that very crooked corruptible system? Money is good, but so is your integrity and peace of mind.

2. 2) I despite seeing re-published posts. I learned quite a while ago (2008 to be exact) that Google punishes duplicate posts. You need to delete them, wait for at least three months to clear with Google index before republished it again.

3. 3) I especially hate (too strong of a word) the re-hashed posts. What do I mean by rehashed? Rehashed posts are posts that repeating what the ADMIN had written before. They are redundant, and read plagiarized to the search engines. If the users didn’t read the ADMIN’s post, they are definitely not going to read another re-hashed one.

Just be unique, write your own new, fresh, and original blurbs!

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Anja wrote on June 17, 2014, 8:11 PM

:) Thank you :) Totally agree. One day there were four posts on the same subject the Admin covered. Apart from everything else, it seems like excessive scolding of people who didn't do what you're posting about.

IcyBC wrote on June 17, 2014, 8:23 PM

I am so glad you agree! Yes, those are just redundant, useless and plagiarized emoticon :smile: If they don't read the rules, faq and how it works in the first place, posting another 5 are not going anywhere.