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Updates: Brazil VS Mexico

If you are not watching game, you maybe wondering what really is happening at this moment. Possibly you thought one team would be easier for the other, maybe some goals would have been scored by now.

But such an open game, such a game of a lot good chances by both teams and too fast enough not be considered a boring game.

With no gaols yet for either side you cannot judge who out come the his opponents. For me as a soccer lover and my country not being involved I wish everyone of the teams good luck.

They deserve it because they battled to be there. Mexico in red shirts and Brazil in red shirts where in the previous games both teams won a game and if they draw in this game; Brazil will remain at the top of group A while Mexico second.

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Juandicv wrote on June 17, 2014, 5:24 PM

man i wanted brazil to win this so hard.. now ill have to stay away from those mexican sports channels for like a week. .