By in Random


I'm a pirate? Arrr Matey!

No not really. I'm just really bored and my allergies are acting up again. My eyes are all itchy and don't wanna be open at all today, and I'm all out of allergy meds sooo I'm kinda screwed and just have to deal with them for now.

I'm late making my way over here this morning though, I decided to get everything taken care of on my games first, got all my animals on LuckyLapine taken care of and shown, then went over to play on RatRealm a little bit. Ended up buying another cute little rat on there, lol. The little things are just so cute that I can't help myself!

Anyways, I'm off to find links and times for the Adam Lambert +Queen iHeart stream tonight so i'll be back on here in a little while.

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