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My Weekends is Hiatus but Still Happy Monday

Hello Everyone, I was absent for one day because that day is Sunday. Actually I was trying to access the site on my laptop at home but I can't push through, this is because my internet at home is very slow. I am only using Sun Broadband, I already gave up using Smart Bro because my smart phone got busted. My smart phone is my internet hotspot, that is why. Anyway, how is everyone?

My Saturday was not good. It was full of problem. I will like to share it to you this time because I am feeling okay about it. Last night I was praying to God to make me feel okay and he did. I think I already move on from that problem and I hope I will. I feel vibrant today and I feel I am ready for another life's challenge. Truly problems makes us a better person.

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Juandicv wrote on June 16, 2014, 3:17 AM

yeah this weekend ive been absent as well . ive been checking in every chance i get but well ive been busy with father's day and all.. well hopefully ill get some quality time here within next week :D