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Dairy is More Cruel Than Beef

Howdy, I live in the middle of cattle country, I have neighbors who are beef farmers and near by are many dairy farms. I myself have sheep. All meat is cruel, but so many people seem to think that dairy is not cruel at all.

Trust me, dairy is far more cruel than beef.

Beef calves are allowed to grow up with their moms. Dairy calves are taken away and kept in tiny pens smaller than most people's bathrooms, fattened, and slaughtered. Sometimes they are slaughtered under a week of age (bob veal), but usually they are kept alive for a few weeks before being turned into veal. The treatment of these calves is not the only reason why dairy is more cruel (to compare beef calves are kept alive for several months, romping with their moms for most of them, until they are fattened and slaughtered).

Now let us consider the cow herself. Beef cows (a cow is a female who has had a calf) are living on the open range, but a dairy cow spends most of her life in a barn. Often during the months they are milked they are not allowed outside at all, this is because they eat different things so their milk tastes different, by keeping them indoors only they cannot graze naturally and are fed a specific diet so the taste of the milk does not change. It is less work for the farmer too. The cows are only allowed out for a few months between the end of milking season and after they have had their next calf (they must have a calf in order to produce milk).

The typical dairy cow is killed at a much younger age than a beef cow. She is killed after her milk production goes down, where as a beef cow is killed only after she can no longer have a calf.

In the USA dairy cows are often given a growth hormone to make them produce unnatural amounts of milk - this also leads to a greater risk of health problems such as mastitis in the cow herself and contributes to a shorter lifespan overall as well.

And let us not forget rennet - the enzyme that comes from the stomach of the calf (after it is killed) and is used in the process of making some cheeses.

The picture of the dairy calf belogs to my husband and myself.

I have written many articles on this subject but this article is original to this site and has not been published elsewhere.

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