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Growing pains

Well, I planted the tomatos and added a couple of cucumber seedlings as well. I did wonder about some lettuce but decided that they grow faster than we can eat them.

Last year the toms did well and I was able to suppy a neighbour with a many. I am trying a different variety this year but have high hopes.

I am fairly new to growing stuff in a greenhouse. I never had one in my previous garden. The local nursery is well organised and has to take credit for raising the plug-plants to a level that a novice can cope with.

I should have taken a pic of the cucumbers, they are doing well, not the longest but they are fat and tasty. True the skin has to be trimmed off but that is ok, after all it is the skin of cucumbers that gives that repeating burp.

The Toms are called 'money maker'; Not sure how that works unless one is a commercial grower. Looking forward to many salad dishes.

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