By in Random

Boredom... A lot.

I'm just sitting here listening to my spotify, on shuffle. Yes it's still just as random as ever.

My sister came over earlier to take my dad out for lunch and I went with them. We had mexican food and well.. me not so much as I got the shrimp, lol. Sooo good. I was stuffed. Then my mom made burgers a little while ago and I was still stuffed from lunch so now I'm double stuffed. I probably should have put my burger up for later cause ugh.. too much food.

I'm so bored right now though that I'm just sleeepy. Boredom is making me want to sleep. I'm just sitting here... waiting for my day to reset on RatRealm so I can care for my rats and enter then in shows again. Reaalllly want to play that game and take care of my rats. They're so cuuuute!

Anyways. How was everyone elses day? Do anything exiting?

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