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Into The Unknown

I have been visiting PersonaPaper all day long, read many posts, but still not quite sure about what to write.

After reading Ashley's new post on the exchange rate, and checked my bank area going from 3.52 to .56 cents, my inspiration went out the window. I knew it is not Ashley's fault, and since it is a new site; things like this will happen.

I guess I was hoping the changes would take affect for all later posts, and not on those that were published before the bad news took place. I was hoping to get to cash out, but now it is nowhere in sight.

With that said, I will move on forward as it is the only way to go, and hope that things will rectify soon to benefit us all.

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poddys wrote on June 17, 2014, 9:02 AM

I truly believe that the exchange rate drop is going to be a temporary one, and people who leave to write elsewhere obviously don't care about PP and all the work that Ashley has put into it.

Don't forget that posts don't just disappear after a few days, they get indexed in Google, so the more you write, the more your posts are likely to get noticed, and the more you are likely to earn over time.

So while the exchange rate is low now, you might not earn much, in fact there aren't that many members right now either. Ashley has to try and cover the site costs somehow, so with the earnings being really low, more has to be retained for that. Once the exchange rate goes back up, as it surely will, all traffic to those posts will earn you a lot more.

My advice to everyone on here is to "Hang in there..." Things will get better.

IcyBC wrote on June 17, 2014, 5:36 PM

Your advice made a lot of sense for the Google index thingy. I am only hoping it will get better than this sooner.