By in Random

I don't wanna be awake

Valentina insisted I get up and let her out this morning, shaking her pen and everything, so I finally just gave up trying to ignore her and got up, then the silly thing insisted I rub her head while I was trying to get her food. I guess she just woke me up for head rubs? You're insane Valentina, Insane.

I used my $5 from personapaper to buy an account on ratrealm. I wasn't expecting to like it so much but the little rats on there are just SO CUTE. EEE! I love it. I've also managed to get all of my bunnies and guinea pigs on LuckyLapine fed greens and treats this morning, now just to go back over there after I post this and finish showing them. YAY.

I think my sisters suppose to be coming over today to take my dad to lunch? Nomnom. lol no idea though. Hopefully so and she brings the kids so they can entertain me while their gone emoticon :grin:

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