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Got captcha code error from the other writing site

Well as of today the other writing website that I am also a member with is running smoothly and no errors like from the last month, having server errors 504, 503 etc. My notification is adding up every hour about 200 for many other users there get back and write for the site seems to be in a normal state again, but I have a problem for myself there when I tried to submit my article.

I have a captcha code problem in there; I can’t input the captcha code because it’s not showing up. It was almost 3 days now that the captcha code is not showing whenever I tried to submit an article. I thought that after a couple of days that error disappear that’s why I didn’t write anything in that period of time, but it seems the error is still there and I can’t even post a single article because of that error.

I can’t generate income if I can’t post anything in that website and this is a very big problem for me if I can’t earn something in a single day. Online writing is where I only get my income to help myself from my financial needs. I think I will just submit my post in here instead in there; I need to generate income so that I will not become zero in my earnings.

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muhammadbakhsh wrote on June 15, 2014, 4:41 AM

is a good thing about captcha in personapaper