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Under the Egg

A week or so ago my favourite home-school curriculum company announced their summer reading packages. We love books around here, and spend a lot of time reading. Keeping my eldest daughter supplied with suitable reading material has been challenging, she is a voracious reader and I am always on the look-out for books she might enjoy. Whenever a trusted source produces a new list of recommended books I am eager to see what they suggest.

The first book on the list was Under The Egg written by Laura Mark Fitzgerald. The description was intriguing, and sounded like something my daughter would enjoy so I took the bait and added the novel to our family library.

There was a time that I managed to pre-read everything I acquired for my children to read. That time has long since vanished into the past. These days I am doing good to read the titles of most of the books that pass through her hands. She enjoyed this particular book and when the opportunity presented itself for me to spend some time reading over the past couple of days I decided to indulge myself in a bit of childrens literature.

The protagonist is a thirteen year old girl who is struggling to keep things together after her grandfather passes away having cryptically referred to a treasure before his death. The girl’s mother is flighty and somewhat out of touch with reality.

The novel, aimed at elementary aged readers, presented an interesting mix of mystery, history and art. The premise of a Renaissance painting turning up in the possession of a Met security guard is a trifle far fetched, but the author did a superb job of spinning her yarn and kept me turning the pages until the very end. The mystery was solved, and all the loose ends were tidily wrapped up in a very satisfying ending.

I do enjoy a well written bit of children’s fiction!

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momathome wrote on June 14, 2014, 10:46 PM

That sounds like an interesting one! I'll have to check and see it on the new ebook site I signed up for.

MaeLou wrote on June 14, 2014, 11:48 PM

It sounds interesting. I wonder if my almost 9 year old would be interested in something like that. She's opening up her horizons a bit on what she reads.

chatombreux wrote on June 17, 2014, 2:48 PM

That books sounds pretty interesting. I enjoy reading something that draws me in and makes me believe.