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So, Now Change the Goals; No Cheese In the Old Corners

What will help the maximum number of my fellow Poersona, during a difficult struggle to normalcy, relevance and high-indexing, we'll all need to only bring our best, the absolute minimum of once per day – or as more as much as you like, up to the max daily.

PersonaPages deserves a chance to become one of the major players online – and especially in the social networking side of it. And – as this grows, it only gets better.

So, writing on just one topic, approximately 150-words-maximum, will bring the site around 400 submissions, daily, total. Well be up to the mid-10,000s on Alexa if we did as much and shaed on social networking. It seems, when writing for beans and pesos, the more writing you want read, the more writing you must do.

Instead of simply aiming for 1,000 , aim for 5,000 coins per .

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Anja wrote on June 14, 2014, 5:51 PM

I think we need to make sure we write something index-able. I think I will look up trending topics on Google.

LoudMan wrote on June 14, 2014, 5:55 PM

A steady stream of evergreen is good too. If everyone only did one evergreen and one trending each day, wow. Where would we all be in a year?

LoudMan wrote on June 14, 2014, 5:56 PM

Write some consistent posts on one certain holiday, daily for a month and see if it doesn't index you well. Use every perspective with the topic you can imagine.