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Los Bandidos Floating Bar and Restaurant

Los Bandidos Floating Bar and Restaurant

I am still on vacation until end of this May but I always checking my account for some updates.

Well, I have no earnings for two weeks already as I have not posted articles lately. But It feels good to be home with my family. For sure I can recover from my twenty pounds weight lose within three weeks.

Sitting at the bench of the seaport of our town, I have noticed a newly built floating bar and restaurant. They said that it operates at night. It is being pulled by a motorboat at the middle of the sea depending on the request of the hiring client. I bet the cool breeze of the sea will be a wonderful experience embracing the nature's beauty.

I think it is ideal for fifty guests for different occasions. It has videoke if singing is preferred. Or just a cool music, guitar strumming and jamming with friends.

We will try this one of theses days.

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