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Father's day cometh

Father's day cometh!

Yep, tomorrow is that day for all of our fathers. The men, who in most cases, have been there to pick up up after fall and to play football with you in the garden.

I love my Dad. He is hard as nails and a proper fen boy (the fens being an area of marsh land in Lincolnshire).

I think one of the thing which brings me the most joy when I go back home is going to watch football with Dad. It has become one of those father and son traditions that every Saturday (during the season) we will drive off to our local football club (or sometimes a little further afield) and watch the game. Dad is a football nut and I am quite a fan myself. Those Saturdays always have a very special place in my heart.

I hope the fathers, in particular, reading this have a great day tomorrow and stay safe.

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