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Up there in your jet

But so few of us know just what that is.
We only know how to exist,
Meek and mild, we pass your test,
We just carry on searching for something new among your mess.
Some shard of thanks,
Some colour long forgotten or just thrown to the bottom because to you it doesn't matter.
Well it matters to me,
It matters to us,
Are you so wrapped up in yourself?
Are you not getting enough?

Must be nice up there,
High in the sky,
Personal jet,
I still wonder why,
Why does one person need a jet?
Why do you need vintage wine?
Do you have nothing else to do?
Or are you just greed inclined.
This is not okay,
It is far from fine,
This world I so corrupt,
Yours and mine.
Will it always be this way?
I pray that it shall not be.
But it will stay like that today,
And as far as the eye can see.

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