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You are one individual and that is perfect

Is it not enough for you?

Do you demand that we have more to do?

We are not here for you,

We are here to live.

Sometimes we all need to stop and think about life,
It is something we seem to have such little time to do.
It is important to remember,
Where we are from,
To back track the mind,
Turn a new mindset on.

Why are we all so busy with work and phones?
Since when did the human race become living drones?
We are not robots,
We are engines of fortune,
Not coin,
Not gold,
But valuable thoughts,
Stories untold.

Each person is a box,
A box of wonders,
Of unique treasures,
So much more valuable than diamonds,
It is down to one person,
To open up that box,
That is you,
So start to discover what you are.

But always remember,
You are no cardboard cut out,
Do not let anyone ever tell you different,
You are unique,
One individual,
Now is the time to start living as such.

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