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The scientist

Keep mixing your chemicals,

Blue gloves,


Long white coat.

Clear windowed goggles,

Mind working,


Quietly ticking over,

Methodically conjuring the next big break.

Put it in the newspaper,

On the silver screen,

Over the radio waves,

Forget your team,

It was you,

Wasn't it?

You don't have to lie about it,

When you mixed A and B,

You thought you had cracked it.

Go home now,

Enter back into the real world.

Take that long coat off and settle down.

Look out the window,

The grey soaked streets,

You can't even see your laboratory from here.

Where are we now?

Do you have the answers?

Do you now take the place of all that went before?

Do you every cry?

Do you ever shed a tear?

If not, why? I am sure you have the answer.

You have it all mapped out,

Diagrams and solutions,

Chemicals and truths,

Honest, solid proof.

But you are still human,

Still a creature of nature.

Don't forget your roots,

They still grow deep.

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