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Your engines roar

Oh I hear you,

Your engines roaring,

Adding your burn to the summer's heat.



Metal on metal.

You make those sparks,

You vent those toxins,

Because obviously it is just you in this world right?

Never mind nature,

Never mind our air,

You have your engines,

You have your chemicals,

So long as you are happy,

We are all happy right?

When I go outside,

I sometimes have no wish to breath.

I know what is around me,

And it makes me want to heave,



Airborne poisons,

Flitting about my face,

Daemonic gorgons.

Thank you,


Nevermind the world,

Everyone else is doing it,

So might as well just leave your flag unfurled.

It is fine,


This world can't last forever,

So long as you are happy,

While you pull out nature's feathers.

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