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How Can you Feel when you are in Her Position?

I was reading this article. This is a story of a woman who is working in a call center. It was quoted "IBEX" the former TRG, please correct me if I am wrong. She is a maternity leave but sadly the baby dies. When she went back to her company, the HR said that she is already terminate. I already become sick after reading how tragic what happens to her. This company have unfair Labor rules. Maybe there have a miscommunication about her leave that they assume she took AWOL, but she is on maternity leave. She filed complain to Dole and this agency clearly stated that terminating an employee without giving them a notice 30 days before effectivity is against labor code. On the other side, the company refused to give statement and like to talk about the issue in a proper forum.

How tragic the story is. If I were the mom, I will be mourning on my baby's death but I will be strong to file charges because this company needs to do me an explanation on what grounds should I be terminated. I say my condolences to her in the wind. I hope she remain strong, as mother is strong.

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LeaPea2417 wrote on December 13, 2015, 12:11 AM

I would feel awful if I were her, to lose the baby and then lose her job would be heart wrenching. There is a definite unfair labor law that needs to be corrected soon.