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Depression [Part 4]


A discouraged, pitiful mind-set, characteristically... Despite the fact that that is not generally the situation. Now and again a discouraged individual feels more fractious, surly, or level, instead of down in the dumps.


A misfortune of enthusiasm toward things you used to revel in. An inclination that you don't get joy from them any longer.

Diminished capability to think, focus, and decide.

An absence of inspiration or activity.

Low respect toward oneself and a feeling that you have a great deal of defects.

Emotions of uselessness or blame.

A negative, negative perspective of the world.

A feeling that things are sad and aren't going to show signs of improvement.

Musings or passing or suicide. This doesn't fundamentally mean you positively need to murder yourself. You may have contemplations of death, yet be scared at how sullen your reasoning is getting.

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