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I am Confused if I am Sick or just Hungry

Please bear with me, I am confused if I am sick or hungry. Last night as I left the site, I feel ill. My throat is aching and it is painful whenever I swallowed. So I ate dinner and I was fine after that. Now I am feeling the same way and I plan to eat again, maybe I need to have a dinner so I will be okay after, but the feeling is different from last night. I feel hot. I feel weak and I cannot type accurately. I used to typing fast before but now there are many errors that leads to erasing that word and typing another. It took me more than 5 minutes to finished a draft where it should 1 minute. I think I am sick, but most of the time when I feel it and I just eaten it disappear.

Bear with me because I am confused if I will continue my activity today or not. Due to changes in weather in our country, people are getting sick. There are rains in the morning and at night and it afternoon it is so hot. Actually my voice is different now. It seems that my sore pain is getting severe. I guess besides eating I should drink medicine so that it will not lead to getting fever or flu.

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grey-love wrote on June 14, 2014, 7:03 AM

Perhaps you're hungry. You should eat at the right time. Drink plenty of water too. :)