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Juice Fast part - 1

Dear friends,

Juice fast eradicates all foreign matter and unwanted waste products and exudates it.

Diring juice fast not full but limited nutrition is provided.

Ajuice fast provides rest to the digestive system and later on ,

as the digestion and assimilation are accelerated,

waste matter is no longer retained.

During juice diet the eliminatory organs-

Lungs, Liver, Kidney and skin are immensely activated in their

eliminative and purifactory functions and toxinsand waste matter are

speedily expelled; for excample , during fast the urine contains upto

ten times more toxins.

The secretion of hormones improves in quantity and quality leading

to a normal argano-chemical and mineral balance.

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vineetha wrote on June 14, 2014, 5:46 AM

so nice of you...