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Trap gone wrong

My brother, my cousin, and their friend used to hang out a lot and play. There was one time that my brother got up to the house from the woods before the other boys did so he decided he was gonna play a trick on his friend. He found some wire and pulled a limb down on a tree and tied it up. He tested it and it worked really good.

he tried to tell my cousin to watch out for it but obviously he couldn't hear him cause he ran right into the wire. He was waving his hand back and forth and the tree limb came up and hit him right in the face. My brother was laughing really hard and trying to find out if my cousin was ok at the same time. By this time their friend came up and found out what happened and he thought it was funny too.

My cousin was fine but he didn't think it was funny till a little while later. They was always pulling different pranks on each other.

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