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Time Span I Spend in Persona Paper..

If you spend time for something it can make it to a better thing, or too much greater stuff, if you work for it, give real efforts you will gain something you really don’t expect. Just like here in Persona Paper, if we spend a lot of time sharing our thoughts we can assure that we can redeem in much shorter time than spending little more time that just longer the time we hit redemption.

I am glad that in my fifth day I have more than 3 dollars already, maybe just less than one point seventy five dollars I will hit my very first redemption button at this same day. In five days I made 19 articles and 679 coins not bad at all for a beginner, or for a newbie like me.

I used to spend 4 hours a day in Persona Paper, but not continously, I divide it like 1 hour in the morning then another 1 hour in the afternoon and 2 hours at night.

Photo Credit: Myself (Dabbid)

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LadyDuck wrote on June 14, 2014, 9:20 AM

I also spend about 4 hours right now on this site. I plan to increase a little.